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Sculpting Imaginations: A Virtual Grand Kinetic Spectacle

Saturday, September 12, 2020
04:30 PM - 05:30 PM


This is a large-scale kinetic sculpture experience with interactive, larger-than-life, human-powered, amphibious, art vehicles, and a virtual adventure into the life of international kinetic sculptors Travis Bullock and Constance Titterton. Whether you are young or young at heart, these kinetic creations will make you smile, think, and be inspired to create something yourself. From Lionfish, Glass Snails, and Pigs with wings to Popcorn boxes, Madonna, and ABBA their sculptures have taken many shapes and forms. What is it like to operate the fins, mouth, and tail of a giant fish while simultaneously giving children rides? How does a 700 lb mechanical beast float and move in open water for miles? What is a Rutabaga Queen and what’s all this talk about the Glorious Founder? How do I become a badass woman welder in this world full of bias and gendered expectations? Don’t worry! All these questions and more will be answered in Constance and Travis’ Virtual Grand Kinetic Spectacle!


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A Virtual Grand Kinetic Spectacle

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